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Entrelinhas Urbanas

"Entrelinhas Urbanas" portrays scenes from the city of São Paulo through the looks of 96 artists, who bring stories and particularities highlighted in the 96 districts of the city, chosen through a geographic mapping. The process of entry of each artist took place through the construction of an axis that embarks the various forms of graphic arts: graffiti, woodcut, embroidery, painting on canvas, illustration, digital illustration, watercolor, collage, stencil. The creative process was free and provided important discoveries and reflections, always permeated by the influence that the place has on the production of each artist.

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Henrique EDMX Montanari, Entrelinhas urbanas, livro, Skate Art, arte, ilustração, book, moema, skull
Índice do Livro

"Life is short, Time is fast" - Acrílico sobre Tela 

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