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Caos on Canvas

  CAOS ON CANVAS is a project of intervention on photographs that promotes the disrupture of art. By transforming images in many unexpected formats, the way we look at new art pieces is impacted.

  The theme of this exhibition explores the surf universe, a sport that has been conquering the hearts of Brazilians due to the great success of its athletes in the world circuit. The curators of the show hand-picked world-famous images that capture important moments of the sport in the last years.

  Combining photography with various different art styles, the show consolidates links between Brazilians and international artists in the areas of design, visual arts, music, fashion, film, tattoo art and the inclusion of artists with visual impairment of Laramara

The second edition of Caos on Canvas takes place in Brazil and United States and is sponsored by the world-renown Hotel Unique. In São Paulo, the show happens in April at the hotel’s installations; In Los Angeles, the exhibition is a partnership with the Consulate General of Brazil held in May at Vinícius de Moraes Gallery.

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caos on canvas

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"Life is short, Time is fast" - Acrilic on canvas

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