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Breathe / Desiderio Gallery / Group Exhibition / Vienna / oct - nov / 2021                                                                                                            

Together with ArtèQ, we presented the exhibition 'BREATHE' at the Desiderio Gallery in Vienna, Austria, where we showcased and auctioned the selected winning artworks of our latest open call. Curated by Caroline Messensee, the show displayed great AR-enhanced pieces into an environment that brought art, augmented reality, and the growing world of NFTs together. The exposition revealed how breathing and being centered play an essential role in transforming difficulties in our daily lives into opportunities, especially during the challenging times of the current pandemic. The cooperation with ArtéQ is based on creating and connecting, as the idea of building up a vibrant community around art, with the potential of new technologies, as AR and NFTs.


FINALISTS: Ahmet Rüstem Ekici Ansh Kumar Diana Zhelnio Eliška Podzimková Gerald Khumalo Henrique Montanari HyeJoo Lee Iván Serrano Juho Jusslin Karo Durojaiye Kostyantyn Militynskyy Marcelo von Schwartz Mayuko Kudo Mee Kyung Shin Richard Allela

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